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☀ Wednesday, December 1, 2010 ☀

Exams is drawing nearer & nearer ~ haishaishais, getting more & more worried & scared.. though i got study for it, but i don't have to confidence to do it.. ): Nonetheless, jiayous Jun an! I can do it!

~ { 11:43 PM }
That is love;

☀ Saturday, November 6, 2010 ☀

Nothing to blog for nowadays too~
Wanna go out but no savings..
Can't rely on my bank anymore..
Hahaha, gotta save up for my future wedding too!
If there's any girl for me to marry that is, hahahaha.
No $$ = stay at home & rot luhh.
Exams coming soon luhh.. sadded.
Today is the 6th of November already..
1 more month to my major..
Mixed feelings i got now, 50% happy 50% worried.
Happy because once my major finishes~
I no need wake up for school for at least few months liao~
Worried because i might screwed up this exam again..
Just like the previous few majors..
Couldn't understand something..
No matter how much effort i put in..
How much time i put in, the results will still be the same.
It wouldn't go according to what i expected it to be..
Maybe that's the cruel reality of life?
Or perhaps, it's just that i have no affinity with studies?
Hais, this is saddening & worrying.
But, no matter what.. i shouldn't give up..
No matter what life have in store for me..
I have to face reality bravely.
And, accept what & who i am supposed to be in this life.
And actually, i shouldn't be thinking of BGR.. hahaha.
But yet, i am thinking of it, LOL.
Despite of that, i don't feel like entering one though..
No feelings? No time? Not fit to? Not yet time? No target?
Lol, i got alot alot of answers for this..
But, as for myself, sometimes i also don't know myself..
I leave others to give me comments/advices ba..
Life is boring, until you know some things..
What do you live for?
What are your goals?
What are your future?
Hahaha, until now i still cannot find these answers..
That explains why my life is so dull & boring. ):
Hope i can find the answer soon. xP
Gotta stop here.. goodnight everyone. :D
Have a fabulous tomorrow ahead! :)

~ { 11:01 PM }
That is love;

☀ Sunday, October 31, 2010 ☀

Hello everybody ~
Back to blogging for today.
Got into the emo mood suddenly..
It have been so long ever since i am sad..
Though i promised to myself before..
That i will try & maintain this blog
With as much as happiness i can give..
But not sadness, but still i can't achieve that.
Hahaha, what makes me sad?..
Thinking of the past me & the current me..
I haven't been able to achieve something great..
Somehow, i really wondered if my life is a waste..?
If I ever donated my life to another person who needs it..
Will he/she be happy? What kind of life he/she leads?

Alot of questions just entered into my mind. Haha.
Browsing back the photos, it just seemed like yesterday.
Everything was so clearly flashed on my mind..
I really wanna go back to that time..
What to do? I lost that chance..
Maybe back then, if i worked abit harder..
My life would change now.. & maybe i will be happier?
Who knows..? Nobody knows.. including myself.
I was a person with almost everything back then..
Now i am left with.. nothing.. else....

I am so tired.. i want to sleep..
Sleep away my life, sleep away years..
Sleep away school.. sleep away reality..

~ { 12:33 AM }
That is love;

☀ Thursday, October 28, 2010 ☀

Hello everybody! Back to blog for today!
Recently, i am either busy, tired/restless..
Hahaha, looks like i'm getting older & older day by day..
My fatigue level goes up so fast~ i got tired so easily.. TT

Okay.. well today goes like this..
Woke up in the early morning for school..
So, went to bathe.. dry hair, put contacts, etc..
Then, headed for school.. was 1hr late.. hahaha!
Cause i overslept.. :X
Not because of the alarm, but because of me myself.
The alarm rang, but i went to switch off & continue sleeping..
And, that's what happened. LOL.

Then, went to school as usual..
And, boring lesson started..
And, it's extended for 1 more hr!
That results in us not having any break at all!!
So, hungry growling till 2pm..
Then, got photoshoot & video recording..
So dam hot sia, then keep cut cut cut for the video.
I was like wtf.. can you faster?! LOL.
Then, finally it ended !!
It made me perspire 3 beads of perspiration! :@

After that, went to take bus..
Then, got 1 girl sit beside me, & keep look at me!
Feeling uneasy luhh, then put my arm on the window
And look outside the window.. so paiseh.. -.-
Went in the Macdonalds & center of attention again..
What the hell?! LOL, but those secondary girls quite cute lah~ :$
Then, bought the $5 meal..
Then, got the monopoly thingy..
1st ticket i got the Singapore Flyer free ride liao LOL.
After that, is 314,324,326 if i remember.. hahaha.
After that, went home. :D

~ { 11:01 PM }
That is love;